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A Guide to Feeding Dogs Based on Their Weight

Proper nutrition for our furry friends is one of the most important concerns for dog owners. Creating an ideal nutrition plan based on your dog's weight is a critical step to maintain its health and improve its quality of life. Here are some basic guidelines on how dogs should be fed according to different weight categories:

Small Breed Dogs (1-10 kg):

  • Nutritional Needs: Small breed dogs have a fast metabolism, so high-energy density foods should be preferred.
  • Portion Control: Small breed dogs may be prone to obesity, so be careful not to exceed daily portions.
  • Feeding Frequency: 2-3 meals per day are ideal.

You can provide your dog's nutritional needs with Kito Natural Feed Lamb Flavored Mini Breed Dog Food and Kito Fresh Dog Foods.

Medium Breed Dogs (10-25 kg):

  • Nutritional Needs: Medium breed dogs can stay healthy with a balanced and high-fiber diet.
  • Exercise Requirement: These dogs should engage in regular exercise to maintain weight control.
  • Portion Control: Monitor daily portions and snacks. You can provide your furry friend's nutritional needs with Kito Natural Feed Dog Food, Kito Fresh Fresh Dog Foods, and Chew Products.

Large Breed Dogs (25+ kg):

  • Nutritional Needs: Large breed dogs, especially those needing to maintain the health of their bones and joints, should prefer foods containing omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA.
  • Portion Control: Excess weight can lead to joint and bone problems, so be mindful of portions.
  • Feeding Frequency: 2 meals per day are usually sufficient. Kito Natural Feed Dog Food, Kito Fresh Fresh Dog Foods, and Kito Vitamin can help provide the nutritional needs, including Omega 3&6.

General Tips:

  • Water Access: Fresh and clean water should always be accessible to all dogs.
  • Veterinary Check-ups: Regular veterinary check-ups are important to maintain your dog's ideal weight.
  • Special Diets: Adapt to special diets recommended by your veterinarian for specific health conditions or allergies.

Proper nutrition is crucial for your dog's health. To learn how much food your dog needs based on its weight, visit the "How Much Food Does Your Dog Need?" section on the Kito Fresh Food product pages.

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