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How to Care for Dogs?

Sharing your life with a cute companion is one of the most enjoyable things in the world, but you need to show extra care for your dog's happiness and health. In this article, you can find some tips and tricks about dog grooming, such as bathing and nail trimming, to make dog training and care easier and more enjoyable for you.

Nail Trimming in Dogs

One of the important criteria for your dog's grooming is trimming their nails every 4 to 6 weeks. There are various nail clippers available in the market for different types of pets. When trimming the nails, you should not neglect the nail-like claws on the side of some dogs' feet. One important thing to know is that there are also blood vessels and nerves in your furry friends' nails. Therefore, you should be very careful while trimming your pet's nails. For such adjustments, you can use scissors specifically designed for pets, recommended by a veterinarian.

Order a Grooming Kit for Your Dog

The face and ear areas should be hygienic. Keeping the hair short and clean in these areas can reduce possible odors and prevent infections.

Using a grooming kit can make these tasks easier for you. To learn how short to cut your pet's fur, you should read the user manual that comes with the grooming kit.

Before Washing Your Dog, Brush Their Fur Thoroughly

To make bath time enjoyable for your furry friend, whom you love so much, it is important to pay attention to some things. First of all, before washing, you must definitely brush your little friend's fur. If you wash their fur without brushing it first, cleaning the fur can be twice as difficult. For this purpose, you can choose one of the various brushes or combs designed for your little friend's fur. Wide-toothed combs specially produced for very tangled fur are also recommended. Also, using a pet cream recommended by your veterinarian can make it easier to untangle tangled fur clusters.

Flea Treatment is Important

Flea infestation can often be an inevitable problem if you have a furry friend who loves to walk outdoors. However, your little furry friend getting fleas does not mean that the care you provide for them is insufficient. Nevertheless, it can be useful to know how to get rid of fleas. You should be very careful about getting your friend's external parasite vaccinations regularly. If there is a flea infestation despite their vaccinations, you can turn to reliable brands that your veterinarian recommends as flea medication for dogs. You should be skeptical about natural methods frequently encountered on the internet for getting rid of fleas.

After applying flea treatment to your pet, you may need to use a suitable care product to prevent them from getting fleas again. For this purpose, you can use special flea collars, drops, powders, or shampoos approved by your veterinarian. Using drops for flea medication selection is a good way to kill fleas and prevent the development of eggs.

Köpeğinize Tuvalet Eğitimi Verin

Giving toilet training to your furry friend who lives with you makes your life easier. Especially when a puppy feels the need to pee, it scratches and/or whines to let you know. As soon as you receive this signal, take your furry friend outside of the living area and take it to an appropriate place. This way, it will understand that it is not appropriate to pee in its own living area or in your living area. Using special pads or papers produced for dogs during toilet training is not highly recommended. This is because dogs are animals that can learn to hold their feces and leave them in certain places. However, in situations where you cannot take them outside a few times a day, or during very cold winter months, you can allow your furry friend to meet its needs by placing these special pads in a suitable corner at home.

Take Care of Your Dog's Dental Health

Your furry friend also needs periodic dental care just like you do. In this context, some points to pay attention to when applying dental care to your dog are as follows:

  • When brushing your dog's teeth, make sure to choose a toothpaste manufactured for dogs.
  • You can give them suitable teeth cleaner for chewing.
  • You can also use a dental spray to clean their teeth.
  • You can take your pet to a veterinarian regularly and have their teeth checked.

Your Dog Needs Exercise

Although puppies have a lot of energy, they have less strength. Therefore, it is a suitable solution to make them do short exercises at frequent intervals. You can discuss with your veterinarian how much exercise your furry friend needs daily and get health information about their movement needs according to their breeds.

External Parasites in Dogs

Brushing your dog's fur as often as possible and checking their skin frequently can help you detect and treat parasites before any infection occurs. The main symptoms you may encounter in your pet when there are external parasites are:

  • Excessive itching
  • Skin flaking
  • Abnormal hair loss
  • Black residue/scraps in the ears

To avoid such situations, you should regularly take your pet to the veterinarian and show the necessary care to have the external parasite treatment regularly applied.

Spaying in Dogs

If you have decided to have your pet spayed, you should know that there are various options available. In the surgical sterilization procedure, which is a frequently used method, two separate methods can be used depending on the gender of your furry friend:

  • Ovariohysterectomy (the removal of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus)
  • Orchiectomy (the removal of the testicles to prevent reproduction)

Other procedures that you can request from your veterinarian to have your pet spayed include:

  • Hysterectomy involves the removal of a portion of your female pet's uterus and fallopian tubes. This way, your pet's hormone production balance remains undisturbed.
  • Vasectomy, which is the removal of only the part of the testicles that carries sperm in male dogs.
  • Ovariohysterectomy, which is the removal of the ovaries in your female dog, leaving only the uterus behind.

If you want your little friend, who holds an important place in your life, to be with you for a longer time, you need to provide them with careful care. You can collaborate with your veterinarian at every point where you need support and improve your furry friend's quality of life.


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