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What Should You Consider Before Adopting a Cat?

You may dream of having a cat as the joy of your home, your sleep companion, and your best friend, but there are things you need to know before adopting a cat. Although living with your little friend can be very enjoyable, there are some responsibilities that come with it. Before the process of adoption, you must know these details and get prepared. This way, you can take a step towards a peaceful life with your furry friend without any surprises.

Adopting a cat comes with responsibilities

Adopting a cat is not just about opening your home to a cat and showing it affection.

Sharing your life with a cat means taking responsibility for it. It is necessary to keep away from dangers and have regular check-ups for your cat to have a healthy life. In addition to following the formal adoption procedures, it's important to know that a cat needs a designated area in your home to play and a cozy corner for its cushion. Also, you must ensure that your home is safe for your cat. You may need to install safety nets on your windows.

When you adopt a cat, you have a friend who will give you joy at any moment in your home. For example, For example, your cat may clumsily move around while laying down, come and show you affection, or make you smile by chasing a fly. Thus, even in the most boring moments, you can find a loving creature and a reason to smile by your side.

In addition, cats usually sit, walk, and sleep with their owners. Wherever you are throughout the day, your cat will follow you, want to go everywhere with you, and quietly curl up in your bed to sleep. Even almost no cat likes doors to be closed. You can find your little friend waiting for you excitedly at the door even when you are in the bathroom.

Cats also need to play with you to release their energy at home. Running with them, playing fetch, and playing with fishing toys can provide enjoyable activities to spend time together.

If you haven't lived with a cat before, you should know that they have their own personalities and emotions. When you adopt a cat, you can easily learn what they like and what makes them upset by getting to know them gradually. Although the first few times may be a little nervous for both of you, you can get to know your cat well enough to understand what they want over time.

Are you Ready to Go Shopping for Your Cat?

You may think that a small kitten doesn't need much, but especially when you adopt a young kitten, you need to make a long shopping list and a budget for cat expenses at the first stage. You need to complete their needs for your cat to feel good and live a peaceful life with you. The following products should be included in your shopping list:

  • Firstly, you should get a suitable cat food that meets their requirements. You can consult with your veterinarian to choose the food. Additionally, you can purchase the food in small packets to make sure it won't go stale and order a large amount of these small packets to save money. Also, kittens eat different food for the first few months and then transition to adult or neutered adult cat food. For this reason, if you have a kitten, you should not stockpile too much kitten food.
  • You should get a food and water bowl. You should buy stainless steel food bowls that do not cause allergies. The food bowls should have enough depth for the cats to easily reach their food and water.
  • You should get a scratching post. It is important for cats to have a scratching post that fits their size and weight to prevent them from damaging furniture at home. You can choose small scratching posts for kittens and larger ones for adults.
  • A litter box and litter mat should be on your list. You should buy a larger litter box, considering that your cat will grow. The litter mat prevents litter from scattering around the house, making cleaning easier.
  • You should purchase cat litter. Since you don't know which litter your cat will prefer or which one you will be comfortable with at first, it's best to buy several types and brands to try. Then, you can continue to use the one your cat likes.
  • Cat toys are a must-have. You can start shopping by buying a few toys for your cat. Every cat should have a mouse, ball, and fishing pole toy. If you don't want your cat to develop a biting habit, you shouldn't play with it using your hands, and you should always play with them using a fishing pole toy.
  • A carrier is also necessary. You can buy a carrier or bag from a pet shop that you can use to safely and easily carry your cat.
  • In addition to these, after shedding their kitten fur, adult cats shed their adult fur seasonally. Therefore, you may need equipment such as a cat brush, fur-cleaning roller, and grooming gloves. You can purchase a cat brush that you can use daily for your cat's coat health.
  • You can also keep a special nail clipper for your cat in your home. Even if your cat sharpens its nails on a scratching post, their nails may grow long and require clipping. You can consult with your veterinarian to learn what you need to pay attention to when clipping your cat's nails.

Apart from the first shopping list, there are certain needs that you should meet for your cat regularly. While the breed of the cat, its gender, living habits, and the rate of food consumption may vary, you should buy a few kilograms of dry food every 1.5-2 months on average. Additionally, you can reward your cat with wet food every 10-15 days. In addition, during seasonal shedding, you should buy malt paste and fish oil in the summer and multivitamins for immunity in the winter. Of course, you also need to constantly buy cat litter, fur rollers, and cat toys as they get lost or worn out.

You Should Follow Your Cat's Vaccination Schedule

You will memorize your cat's vaccination schedule after a while, but in the beginning, you can ask your veterinarian to remind you of their vaccinations. If you are a kitten owner, you can get information from your veterinarian about their first vaccinations. In later years, you can get rabies, leukemia, and distemper (FVRCP) shots once a year.

Internal and external parasite vaccines are given every few months or every month depending on the climate where you live. The responsibility for all of these vaccines is yours. Your cat must have all its vaccines up-to-date to your travels, and its ID is checked before the trip. You should be careful to ensure that your cat's vaccines are up-to-date for both its health and travel.

When sharing your home with a cat, you should always meet its needs and show it love and care. This way, you can help your little friend live a healthy and peaceful life.



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